About Us

Established in 1993, Dry Utility Services is located in Tempe, Arizona and is staffed by experienced project managers and supporting business personnel. We specialize in the coordination, planning and negotiations of electric power, natural gas, telephone, cable television, video, voice and data communications. We have project experience and utility relationships in Arizona, California, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Alabama and Florida.

As a consulting firm, Dry Utility Services does not have registered engineers on its staff and therefore does not provide engineering services.  This allows our firm to work closely with all members of the development team without a duplication of services. Not only do we bridge communication between the development team and utility companies, but we proactively manage dry utility improvements from pre-design through construction. Our detailed coordination process is tailored to each project and focuses on critical path scheduling so that our Clients are assured every dry utility detail is addressed. 

Our value to development is being a reliable resource concerning all aspects of dry utilities. We consistently save our Clients' time and money by providing accurate information, being a positive liaison with the dry utility companies, and proactively managing the dry utility coordination process on your behalf. 

Benefits of using Dry Utility Services include:

  • One point of contact for all dry utility negotiations and coordination.
  • Accurate and extensive knowledge of dry utility systems.

  • Established relationships and communication network with critical dry utility entities.

  • Valuable concept layouts and dry utility extension and construction cost opinions.

  • Expedited dry utility design processing.
  • Experienced coordination of the dry utility design process ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness with regard to aesthetics while avoiding conflicts with planned improvements.

  • Extensive knowledge of dry utility company rules, regulations, specifications, tariffs and policies.

  • Up-to-date knowledge on advances in communication technologies, product availability, and preferred provider agreements.

  • Expert review and negotiation of dry utility contracts, easements, and legal documents to accurately reflect Owners' rights and responsibilities.

  • Client avoidance of the frustrating and time consuming process of trying to obtain necessary information 
        from multiple utility entities.

Whether your development is a master planned community, high rise office building, residential subdivision, multi-family development, industrial center, or individual retail pad, Dry Utility Services has the resources, staff and experience to handle the project.

Please contact us for a general or customized project reference list.